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From: JM
Subject: Brian Littrell & Justin TimberlakeBrian L. & Justin T.
by JM*** Okay this story and the following stories are going to be a slow down
pace for me. I am going to slow down the quickie's and sexy preteen clip add the romance to
the stories. But don't get me wrong, there will still sexy preteen clip be plenty of sex and
fun for the boys. Yes, these stories will mostly revolve around the
relationship between Brian Littrell (of B.S.B.) and Justin Timberlake (of
'N Sync), but there will be guest appearances from all of the guys of
Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync. The underage preteens rape stories tiny preteen bbs
will also follow the same path
that the others have left off with. So that means, this pretty much
follows where I left off with 'B-Rok B-Day'. This story is photos porn preteens
fiction and does
not imply anything about the real sexuality of any of the Backstreet Boys or
'N Sync.I do hope you enjoy the series of stories to come and do wish to hear all
of your comments may they be good or bad... so send them to:
or *** The sun began to crack it's way through the shades in Brian
Littrell's room. There he laid, barely any cover drapping over him while
he held Justin. He admired Justin as the sun dazzled his eyes. His strong
arms cuddled the younger body as he lay sleep. Brian brushed his hand
lovingly aganist Justin's cheeks and then kissed him on the cheek. Justin
didn't stir. Brian became very impatient with his sleeping beauty.
'Guess I really wore him out?' Brian thought as he slipped his arm from
around Justin's smooth body. This caused Justin to moan, but not awaken.
"You are just too much." Brian said as he slowly crept out of the bed. He
stretched slowly and carefully as he stood. 'Ouch' Brian thought. His
'workout' with Justin last night took alot out of him too. His body felt
sticky from the cum and champagne from last night. Brian stepped quietly
through his room over to the dinning table. He pulled out a chair and sat
softly, trying not to hurt his butt muscles too much. "Well it feels
mighty chilly in here." Justin said as he popped his head up. Brian gazed
at him, his marine-blue eyes sparkling in the sunlight. "What are you
looking at?" Justin said as he took a big yawn. "Just an all-around great
guy. I mean you are everything a girl or guy could want and yet I have
you." forced preteen incest Brian said. He was rather enthusiastic in his response. Justin
smiled his trade-mark at him and then stood. "Well if I didn't have this
huge headache I'd come up with something cute to say to you too." Justin
said as he sat down next to Brian. "That's okay, just as long as I have
you." Brian said with a sarcastic tone. Justin smirked happily and then
glanced out the glistening window.
"I guess it's true," Brian said as he grasped Justin's left hand.
Justin looked at Brian with confussion on his face. "What's true?" Justin
said. "You really don't like to talk in the morning till you've had your
cereal!" Brian said as he busted out laughing. Justin smiled at Brian and
then began to giggle. "Yeah well, what can I say?" Justin said. "Well
don't worry. Room service is on their way up with your cereal and
something for me to eat." Brian said. He patted Justin on the hand and
then stood. 'How could I fall so easily?' Justin thought to himself as he
looked at Brian. It was obvious why. Justin could look at Brian and see
very well why he fell in love with him. But not how? Brian walked into
the bathroom and Justin heard the shower water begining to run. "Hey Bri,
what if someone comes to the door!" Justin called. Brian stepped back into
the room totally naked. Justin's morning hard-on was definetly begining to
show through his Hilfiger boxers at this point. He wanted Brian like he
wanted him last night. "Uh, don't answer I guess?" Brian said.
Justin pouted his mouth a bit and looked at Brian standing there.
Brian inquired about Justin and walked towards him. Brian pulled a chair
next to Justin's and sat down. "What's up bud?" Brian said as he put his
hand on Justin's shoulder. "I don't know. Maybe it's just that we've been
sleeping little preteen darlings
together every night for three nights, but yet it feels as if
there's more between us. And we can't even express all that love. We have
to remain in secrets and behind closed doors. I think it's sorta unfair."
Justin said. He began to sulk in his chair. Brian looked at Justin with
concern. "Trust me Justin, I know how you feel. But you know what? We
can still show our feelings towards each other. Lance and J.C. already
know how we feel about each other. And from what we saw of Nick and Kevin
last night, I know they won't mind. So why not show it around the guys,
but just not in public?" Brian said. That eased and comforted Justin
little, but just enough. "Come here," Brian said as he motioned for Justin
to join him in the chair. Justin eased himself over and sat on Brian's
legs, facing him. "I feel as if we've been in love for ages too. I know
how I feel about you and I hope you feel the same. I know there's alot
more to us then just little preteen darlings GREAT sex!" Brian said with a huge grin. Justin
laughed a bit and then looked at Brian seriously. "So is this like a
commitment to each other?" Justin said. Brian looked at the young 17 year
old. "If you feel you are ready for one, then yes it is." Brian said with
a smile. Justin hugged Brian around the neck joyfully.
Justin then kissed Brian with all of his might, forcing his tongue
in Brian's mouth. Brian fell back in the chair and began roaming his hands
on Justin's backside. The two lovers were in deep passion as they kissed.
Justin breathed heavily as he rubbed his hands across Brian's smooth chest.
Brian forced Justin lips off of his. "God, you are a hot guy!" Brian said.
"You too Bri," Justin said with a smile. They both panted as they gazed at
each other in the morning's light. Brian leaned in and began to kiss
Justin's closed lips. Brian stuck his tongue out and passionately licked
the outside parts of Justin's lips. Brian was really into his kissing and
so was Justin.
Just as both guys were getting into their action, they heard a
knock at the door. "Shit..." Justin whispered as Brian leaped up. Justin
fell onto the floor with a thud. "Brian!" AJ called through the door. "Uh
yeah." Brian said as he helped Justin to his feet. underage preteens rape
"Is everything alright
in there?" AJ said as he kept knocking at the door. "Uhm, yeah.
Everything is A-O.K. AJ," angel preteen little Brian said with a half-hearted laugh. "Well the
guys and I were wondering xxx underage preteens
if you were going to join us over in Chris's
room?" AJ said as he tried to turn the knob of the door. "Go into pre teen quinn the
bathroom..." Brian whispered to Justin as he grabbed a robe from the
closet. Justin quickly tip-toed to the bathroom and closed the door.
"Sure." Brian said as he walked to the door. He opened the door and looked
at AJ. "Uh, I'll be there in like 15 minutes." Brian said with a smile.
"Uh, okay. Well don't take your time or anything. Oh and have you seen
Justin? None of us can find him." AJ said with slight worry. "Justin?
Nope, no sir. Haven't seen him." Brian said. He wasn't a very convincing
liar. "Yeah. Well if you do, tell him to come over to Chris's too." AJ
said. "Okay!" Brian said as he closed the door. AJ looked at the closed
door and scratched his head curiously. "I wonder..." AJ mumbled as he
walked off.
Justin quietly opened the bathroom door and peeped out. "All
clear?" Justin said. Brian winked at him and then nodded. Justin smiled
and walked back over to Brian. "So, where were we?" Justin said as he
began to suckle of Brian's neck. "MMmmmm, I'm afraid we can't continue
that," Brian said as he xxx underage preteens tenderly pushed Justin away. "Why!!!" Justin said
sadly. "Cause the guys are waiting for us in Chris's room. They're all
looking preteen forced stories for you." Brian said. "Well let them looking a little longer!"
Justin said as he forcefully pushed Brian onto his bed. Justin hopped on
top of Brian and began french-kissing him. Brian groaned loudly and let
Justin do his work. Justin snatched open Brian's robe and began to rub his
hands on Brian's torso. They both began to grind their bodies together in
a heat of passion. Justin removed his lips from Brian's and began to
tongue Brian's ear. "Ahh" Brian said as he grabbed hold of Justin's ass.
Justin kept his grinding up, meeting Brian's hard penis with every bump.
"We have to stop you know?" Brian whispered to Justin in between groans.
"Who says?" Justin said as he began to hump Brian faster. Both of their
dicks began to let loose tons of pre-cum. "We have to!" Brian said as he
panted. Sweat began to trickle all down his body. "Fine." Justin said as
he began to slow his grinding.
He began to exotically grind his hips to Brian's. He never felt so
good in his life. There was no sex, but just pure love. Brian grunted and
began to fondle all of Justin's body. "Stop..." Brian hissed as he felt
himself getting closer to cumming. "Please let me do this..." Justin
hissed back as he continued to grind. "Oh" Brian said as he felt himself
getting even closer. "Yes Bri." Justin said with a heavy breath. Brian
felt the heat all acorss his neck as Justin slowed the pace even more.
"NOW!!!" Justin said as his dick let loose a torrent of cum all over Brian.
Brian felt the cum hit his abs and decided it was time for him to let go.
"OH YES!!!!" Brian said as his cum began to spurt on his own chest. They
both panted deeply, with their bodies still grinding.
"Wooooooo!" Brian said as he rolled Justin off of him. "That made
me soooo tired." Brian said as he rubbed his hands through Justin's
bleached hair. "Mmm-hmm" Justin said as he cuddled next to his sweaty
lover. Brian pulled the covers over both of them and just laid there.
"Brian." Justin whispered. "Yeah." Brian said, half-awake, half-sleep. "I
can't sleep." Justin said as he rubbed incest nude preteens
his hands over Brian's arm. "Not
again?" Brian said preteen candid nn as he turned to Justin. "No, not that. Could you.. uh
could you sing me naturist preteen gallery to sleep?" Justin said as he cuddled closer to Brian.
"Sing? Me?" Brian said as he raised a brow. "Yes you silly!" Justin said
as he punched Brian in the arm. "Ouch! Okay okay okay. I'll do it. What
do you want me to sing?" Brian questioned. "Hmmm, how about 'Darlin''?"
Justin said as he winked at Brian. "Okay." Brian said. Brian began to
croon Justin with the famed BSB song. Justin looked deep preteens underaged teensex into Brian's
crystal-blue eyes of love. Justin soon began to nod off while listening to
Brian. Brian looked at Justin, sleeping quietly. "Goodnight Justin."
Brian said as he kissed Justin upon the lips.
The two slept quietly for two hours. Just as they began to awaken,
they heard pounding at the door. Brian jolted up from his sleep, causing
Justin to roll to the side. "WHAT THE?!?!?" Brian said as he rubbed his
eyes. "BRIAN!!!!!!" Nick and Kevin called through the door. "Open the
door man!" Joey said. naked petite preteens Brian looks around quickly and realizes that he and
Justin have slept too late. "Oh Lord! Justin..." Brian said as he paradise preteen model
Justin. Justin groaned and kept sleeping. Brian began to panic as he
shook Justin. "Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah!" Justin said as he pushed Brian
away. "GET UP!!!" Brian screamed at Justin. "Brian?" Kevin said. "Who's
in there with you? Is it another girl!!!" Nick said sarcastically.
"Shit." Justin said as he looked around. preteens defloration Brian snatched his boxers from
the floor and quickly forced preteen incest began to pull them up. Before Brian could get the
boxers to cpver his penis, the door swung open. "AH-Haa....." Nick said.
Kevin, Nick and Joey all looked confussed and shocked angel preteen little
as they saw Justin
laying naked on the bed and Brian pulling up his boxers. "OH SHIT!" Justin
"What the hell is going on in here?" Joey said as he walked into
the room. "Brian?" Nick said. His mouth hung wide open. Brian's mind
began to do flips as he did not know what to do. "Uh uh uh uh uh uh..." is
all Brian could say. "Hmmm, uh Nick and Joey. Could you guys excuse us?"
Kevin said as he looked at the other two guys. "Hell no!" Joey said with
anger. Joey, please." Kevin said. "Come on Joey" Nick said as he tugged
Joey out by his shirt. "but... but..." Joey said. Nick closed the door
behind them as they left.
Brian felt tears comming on as his cousin stood before them. "Sit
down Brian and get your boxers on" Kevin said calmly. Brian sat down and
pulled his boxers back up. Justin quickly covered himself with the sheets.
Kevin pulled a chair from the table and sat in front of them. "I don't
have to ask what's going on here. Hell, I don't even have to think about
it. I know all about Brian, but I didn't know about you Justin. But this
is very intresting. Very." Kevin said as he sat back in the chair. Brian
and Justin still sat nervously on the bed. "Well I have no problem with
this. None at all. But I do have one question to ask both of you." Kevin
said seriously. Brian and Justin both looked at each other and then at
Kevin. "Do you guys love each other or is this just good sex?" Kevin said.
He raised his eyebrow as he awaited his response. "It's got to be love"
Justin stumbled out. Kevin then looked at Brian. "Well?" Kevin said as he
awaited the answer. "I love him Kevin." Brian said. he then smiled as he
just realized what he had said. He loved Justin. He LOVED Justin
Timberlake. Justin wrapped his arms around Brian as they both began to
shed tears. "Okay okay! Don't go to pecies on me!" Kevin said with a
smile. They both whiped away the tears and looked at Kevin. "Well this is
good to know." Kevin said. "I'll break the news to the guys, if Joey and
Nick haven't already. You guys just get dressed because we have rehearsal
today with Fatima and plenty of studio time." Kevin said.
Kevin stood and walked out of the room. Brian laid back on the bed
and let a sigh of relief escape his lips. Justin rolled ontop of Brian.
"So you love me huh?" Justin said with a smile. "Uh huh." Brian said with
a smirk. "Hmm, didn't know I had you so hung up" Justin said as he began
to laugh. Brian did not find angel preteen tiny it funny and pushed Justin off of him.
Justin fell onto the floor with a bump. He landed right on his back. He
felt a serious pain and cried out. Brian jumped up and got on the floor
where Justin was. "Justin baby?" Brian said as he held Justin. Justin
jerked away from Brian. "Oh I didn't mean it. I just thought that what
you said wasn't funny. I really meant that I loved you. I'm sooo sorry
baby." Brian said as he grabbed Justin. "I'm sorry too. I didn't realize
that I made you mad." Justin said as a tear slithered down his face.
"Here, let me kiss it and make it all better." Brian said as he
laid Justin on his stomach on the asian preteens free floor. Brian then began to kiss Justin's
shoulder blades softly. Brian massauged his hands on the small of Justin's
back as his kissed went further down. Justin groaned as Brian's hands came
to his ass. Brian began to rub and knead the soft flesh of Justin's butt.
Brian brought his lips to Justin's ass and began to kiss it tenderly.
"How's that?" Brian said. "More..." Justin whispered. Brian spread
Justin's ass cheeks and dove his tongue in. Brian began to lick the small
pink entrance to Justin's ass. Justin groaned loudly. He had never got
rimmed before and he loved that once again his first time was with Brian.
Brian licked softly around the hole and then dove preteen candid nn his tongue in. He began
to move back and forth with his tongue. "Yeah..." gay preteens 3d
Justin said quietly.
Brian really got into the rimming as he tongued Justin's hole. "That
better?" Brian said as he removed his lips frm Justin's ass. "Yes!" Brian
said as he xxx underage preteens sat up. He and Brian began to kiss once again, falling onto the
floor. Brian pushed Justin's lips away from his. "We really have to get
going now" Brian said. "Alright" Justin said preteen ukrainian model
with disapointment. They
both stood and headed to get dressed. TO BE CONTINUED....
(that's if you like it...)

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